Saturday, January 10, 2004

The Descent

We made one more step over the edge. Really this is about halfway down the other side. We finally bought a camcorder. We still need to charge it before we can use it, but it is one more step into parentdom. I promise that I will not post every single monumental event in her life. Maybe a good laugh, maybe a her first steps. But my parents will probably be getting a DVD twice a year.

By contrast, today Carly and I had a little date. We finally got out to see LOTR Return of the King. We coaxed my cousin into several hours of baby sitting and went to see the movie. Do you remember the idea of an intermission? I can swear that several times in my youth movies were interupted by an intermission. It was probably for the purposes of changing reels, something they don't do any more. But... it might be worth looking at again. I really liked the movie, but I could have used a bathroom break, and my mouth was pretty parched by the end. The question is can the industry actually understand this? I await the class actual suits for bladder infections caused by holding it in so long.

We added a trip to the Apple Store to get the camcorder (not the camcorder expert store sadly). That would have been more fun if we had more time, but I guess the lingering will be reserved for when Sophie is older.


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