Friday, August 24, 2007

Moving Part 6 - Closure

We closed on the new house ten days before the old one. Our plan was a good one. We could complete any prep needed on the new house (not much), move in the PODS (mostly to storage), and be all set to move the much needed stuff after that, saving our beds for last.
Well.. the best laid plans.
We decided the carpets needed cleaning, so we did that first.
We ended up moving the PODS first, mostly into the garage, but also it held furniture and toys that we needed to entertain the kids.
Then we arranged for our things from the old house to be moved, a few days later.
School was starting and we wanted in before it was too crazy.
So all of our stuff was there, which made painting and such more difficult, since we were using the spaces. But Carly managed (with minutes shaved from kids naps) to paint their bathroom a cheerful seascape scene. The kitchen was laid out according to a trial and error system of utility, and we were roughly settled but living from boxes.
Getting all the stuff out of the old house was the most difficult part.
It was hot, and miserable, and we have a ton of stuff, even after the purges.
But we eventually got it all out. And the place restored to relative "pristinity". (Trademark Scholz 2007).
Now that I am not chained to the old house, I can be of more use at the new one.
Today Carly should be installed the new Airport (which died en route) and we should have regular internets again. We missed it so.



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