Monday, January 12, 2004


So I was looking at my old combat system that I developed for the short-lived Dramatis Personae system. I like the character generation, and skill resolution system. But the combat system needed some work, it was needlessly complicated. After playing Mutants and Masterminds I like that system. I can further simplify the combats by making them contests (instead of the challenge system M&M uses). I think this new one will work. My only hope is that there will be enough to do during the combats to make it interesting for the players. I don't want it to be totally aribitrary, but I also do not want to it to be very complex. So we shall see, assuming I actually get to run the system.

The Basics...
Combat is a contest like any other. Two or more players dice off addig what dice they can for circumstances, and from their dice pool.
A Partial Success = Loser suffers 1 penalty die
Complete Success = Loser suffers 2 penalty dice and winner can finish fight with a challenge 14+ blow.
Critical Success = Loser is Finished. (Winner can KO, Disableor Kill opponent).
Any penalty dice in the winner or losers hand can be applied to consequences of the fight for wounds, death, escape etc..

Tactics would involve the use of bonus dice, and maneuvers. Maneuvers would be up to the player to decide. I want it flexible but with some examples... (flanking +1D6, rolling with the punch +1 penalty die to challenge roll)

Pretty simple.
Is it too simplistic? I hope to find out.


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