Saturday, September 01, 2007

One room to go

So today I mostly cleaned up, and organized the garage. It is not perfect, as there are still things that need to go elsewhere, but for a garage, it is in pretty good shape. Room to park in a car in there, if you can imagine.
So that leaves bedroom number three. Since the kids opted to share a room (a huge room, so no problem there) we have a very nice room with no furniture, but presently full of wayward boxes with no homes. Art supplies, games, old baby stuff. Most of it will probably go into the attic, but some may stay (we may end up putting the games in the closet there). I actually have my gaming (RPG) stuff in the playroom, secure behind child and adult proof doors. With the new Poker table, chairs and such, the room is really taking shape as a dual purpose room. Actually it is one purpose, FUN, but dual in the sense of kid, and adult fun.


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