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So the economy of actions in this game may involve the issue of sacrificing or taking on disadvantages to overcome obstacles. Plusses 1. Players need to decide when it is worth it. + 2. There are consequences 3. Players choose when to suffer lasting consequences not the dice 4. Players get second chances (no automatic failure). Minuses 1. Bookkeeping (limit to scenes) 2. Potential for abuse (take disadvantages at the end of a scene). 3. Potential for failure in spite of taking disadvantages. Interesting 1. Can disadvantages be good for role-playing? How? 2. When do they wear off (I am thinking the end of the next scene in the case of a success [even extending between episodes], end of that scene in case of failure) In keeping with my idea of a limited scope of rules of ability scores. The idea of temporary backgrounds interests me. A card the at player holds onto for a little bit then discards has some potential. So playing around with it. Twist: The Bonus card gotten only disadvantages draws of that suit. A question arises: how many times can one do this? Okay until you get a another of the same suit? That seems a decent limit, though people may not want to be disadvantaged in many ways. Perhaps allow the second disad to result in some positive result. A parting shot.


At 4:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey steve-o,

have you looked at any of the more story-focused games yet? things like ben's microscope, dogs in the vineyard, or steal away jordan might give you ideas for how other game designers are thinking about deemphasizing the role played by the rules/chance in favor of the role(s) played by the players.

i imagine you may well be all up on this stuff already, what with your profligate gamercy. :}


At 4:36 PM, Blogger Scholz said...

I am aware of them. But haven't played as much as I would like. I've limited myself to one game-night a week, and with a regular game, I don't often get a chance to experiment. Not even Microscope! (I did try to play it once, but it didn't work, with the two of us). So I am not constantly experimenting.

I've been reading about various other games, and am intrigued. From what I've seen, and my exposure is limited, the Story Games that seem popular now are One Shot games, which sound fun, but not really what I am looking for.

That said. I am always keeping my eyes open.

This little exercise is really for my own benefit, which is why it is so poorly formatted [it looks fine in the editing view :) ] I do welcome comments though. Is there a campaign friendly story game you like?

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

alas. . . gaming other than board games has not been in my world for far too long. i have a bunch of friends who are d&d virgins, and was thinking of running a fun one-off for them, but mostly my story game exposure is through reading about and talking with the folks who play them.

i really like what i read about steal away jordan, in that it incorporates conscientization into the game play.

would *love* to play microscope. :)



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