Monday, January 19, 2004

Burying the Past

This weekend I had some time, surprisingly, so I decided to do something that has been waiting for a while. I packed up the old Mac, "Zorak". It really isn't that old. It is a 'beige' PowerMac G3, 266MHz, 4 gig HD, 256 Megs Ram, Zip Drive, CD-rom, and Floppy-drive (the last Mac with one). I supped it up with a additional serial ports, and USB ports. But it had aged. And with two TiBooks in the house, it was really just taking up space in the office. I still can't really cope with the idea of trashing it, so I am hoping I can pass it on to someone. To do that I wiped clean the Harddrive. That was hard, even though I copied over everything I need (I hope). Still, like cleaning out a closet I had to look at the old programs, files and such. Memories...
I streamlined the system, installed OS 9.22, and added the main programs I used on that machine. I don't think I will use the Classic programs on my TiBook, so I can part with the actual disks.

It was tough, but I finally unplugged the machine, cleaned off its spot and moved some things around. The office looks much better, and it will work alot better without that big box and the gigantic 17 inch screen hogging the desk top.

I still need to move some wiring around to get it the way I like it. But I am wary about unplugging my ethernet. One never knows if it will start up again. I am probably just paranoid.

It is interesting how the process is nearly identical to cleaning out a closet. The only advantage is that I can transfer over everything without much difficulty to my new machine. It will sick there buried in the back. There are files I can't open any more because the programs they were written in did not transfer. But it is probably for the best. Change occurs best when forced that way. I wonder if that experience will ever really change. Maybe storage will become so cheap, that people won't bother throwing anything away.

Bye Zorak.
If any of you are local readers (or want to pay some serious postage), and can provide a good home for this machine. Do let me know.


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