Monday, January 24, 2005


So, it isn't like I haven't known that Carly is going to give birth in the very near future (official due date 2/1 = 1 Week). But for the most part I've manage to be able to ignore it, except for installing the car seat, getting down the old toys, and looking at the cute clothes Carly has culled from these monster consignment sales she goes to.
Last night, I had about a dozen dreams that focused on things going wrong, from me missing the birth, to us getting stuck in traffic, to the whole process getting highly medicalized. Have of the night, I was staring at the ceiling fan thinking about how we would get in touch with one of our babysitters if Carly went into labor before my parents arrived.
Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night. Luckily, I needed to get to school early today, so I was able leave early and get some papers graded. At least there is coffee.

In other news... with gaming done for a while, I decided I neeed a hobby I could do at home apart from playing Halo and Age of Mythology. So, I am going through the 4440 photos, mostly of Sophie, on my and Carly's Macs. It is a pain to do that. Hello Apple, if you are listening... add a Synchronizing feature to Iphoto to synch up two sets of photos. I managed to add most of this last years photos to my computer. Now I hope to subtract the fuzzy ones, and then make a CD-ROM of the rest. Back-up? Me? I know it is shocking. All this started with the idea of updating the baby-photos on my website. So, hold me to it. I plan on getting her photos from last year up on the website before Will is born (or at least before, he is supposed to be born).


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