Monday, January 31, 2005

Two Nights

During the day, William is a sweet sweet dream. Sadly, that means he is asleep most of that time. At night. He is up, angry, and wanting to feed. So we are operating on little sleep. Much like last time. This time, it is better, since Carly is not suffering too badly from the breast feeding. William is relatively good at it, so we expect that to work itself out soon.

I actually got a couple of hours in a row of sleep last night. I arose before seven to spot Carly. I took Will into the living room and gently rocked him to sleep each time he awoke. Then I prepped a bottle for Sophie, made some coffee nervously afraid I would wake Will or Sophie, or Carly or my parents. But it worked out okay. My mom woke up about the same time as Sophie. I had a bottle ready for her (Sophie) and my mom was able to hold Will.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out once I am back at school and my folks are gone. With any luck, Carly's milk will be in, and Will be en route to a normal schedule. But, that may be pushing it (the first part at least).

I will post a little replay of the birth shortly. At least my perceptions of them.


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