Tuesday, February 08, 2005

First Day of School

Okay not really. But this was the first day of school for me with two children at home with only their mom. They are a handful. One needs constant attention and supervision, the other is unrelenting with his demands for milk, or cuddling. It can be a challenge for two people. I worry about Carly's mental health.
Tomorrow will be more difficult. I only had one class today. Tomorrow, I have three. That will probably be the test. If that works okay then I will feel a lot better. But I am nervous none the less.
I wish we had some unemployed neighbor who had experience taking care of children and had nothing else to do (and who would refuse all payment... and who had a pony).
We'll make, lots of people have. It is just a big step.
Class was okay, but in the weekend had forgotten everything from the previous week. sigh.
High hopes for tomorrow.


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