Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Getting too old?

So I gamed late last night (by my current standards) leaving the game around midnight, and getting home around 12:30, to bed around 1:30am (after the necessary decompression time). The alarm went off at 7am, and I was barely able to turn it off, stumble into the shower and begin my day. Three large cups of coffee later (and 2 hours), I am still pretty groggy. Luckily I am just giving tests today (and grading) but I still feel icky. There has been a distinc tlack of sleep this week akin to the infancy of the kids. Will has been up, he was in our room two nights ago when my Father In Law was visiting, and I have been out early to school. I hope to be able to relax this "Fall Break" (Friday to Monday).
At 38+2weeks I've noticed this trend of recovery getting longer and longer. I have a cough that has lasted weeks now, my body is getting bigger and it is taking longer to lose weight, a good night's sleep is not enough to rejuvinate me. But, maybe I will be able to turn this around if I am able to start up yet another exercise routine. My main problem is fiding a routine at all. Sigh.

Carly informs me that both kids cried for several minutes after I left for the game last night. Another batch of gamer orphans (for an hour before bed time). Oh well. I've discovered my new group is filled with parents of young kids. So maybe we will start to get them all together. That would be cool. And maybe open the door to more baby sitters.


At 11:32 AM, Blogger jeff said...

Yep. Midnight games on even a Saturday night take a lot out of me, and I don't have to get up to hang out with my kids or some such thing.

Phil and Brenda have what appears to be a pretty good system (we game over there)--Brenda is awesome and entertains the little ones, but also Phil makes a point to mention to them several times that the next day is a play day for the family, so the kids have something to look forward to. Also, they get to actually see daddy gaming, which I think they enjoy. Michelle has her own dice already, and loves rolling them at the table before the game...and then an hour or so into the game the kids are off to bed and they say goodnight to all the gamers while daddy takes a little break to tuck 'em in.

At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i notice the healing thing... both with injuries, and perhaps with getting over colds and such. the upside is that i am far more aware of when and how to take things easy, how to care for injuries, etc.

ah gaming... had the housewarming at the new pad this weekend... hope to start regular weekend game nights (probably board games and the like).



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