Tuesday, July 11, 2006

House Proud

So we finally gave in and replaced the grey mottled mess of puke poop and food soaked rag we called our carpet. Since the kids are still hurling food (Sophie for fun, Will as a signal that he is done), we decided to go for laminate flooring. It looks like wood, it sounds like wood, but it is durable and cleans really easily. I am still getting used to it, it definitely makes the house echo a bit, which was not something I expected. But it looks great, and the effort to clear out stuff in order for the floor to be layed, has given us a chance to rearrange things, and purge ourselves of some clutter. That always feels good.
But there is a dark side to home renovation. As soon as you get rid of one eyesore others stand out more strikingly. The walls need painting, the furniture is sagging and drab, the linoleum in the bathrooms is dated and ugly, etc.. Keep in mind we've been in this house for five years with virtually no changes apart from some baby related things.
Sitting in our sunroom, we noticed how barren the windows look, we removed the window shades early into Carly's first pregnancy for reasons we can't remember. So, we decided to get some window shades. We chatted a little about what we'd like there. Packed up the kids, drove to World Market (Cost Plus). We were in and out in 15 minutes. Having squirming kids in a stroller does wonders for ones ability to make quick permanent choices.
We were able to get the blinds up over two days (keep mind, all of work must be completely in the few hours without kids running about). They look good. It was a little odd that the hardware seemed not to fit our window frames well. Instead of being connected by eight screws, the valences hang by only four. Hopefully, that will work. I am frequently frustrated by our house's apparant 'custom' design, with doorways, and window-frames and other standard things in non-standard sizes. (like our bathrooms an inch narrower than standard bathrooms). But, all in all we really love the place. So you make do.
We broke down and got a Swiffer to clean the new floors. I just like saying "Swiffer" and using it as a verb "To Swiffer." Carly is also fond of swiffering. That sounds so dirty.


At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about replacing our blinds & carpeting for 3 years. Instead we finally bought a couch for downstairs so that no one has to sit on the floor anymore.


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