Sunday, November 19, 2006

And now you're even older...

Both kids have been acting like adults on occasion, it is odd.
Will has gotten in the habit of repeating little turns of phrase:
  • "That's crazy talk!"
  • "Bye Bye. See you later!"
  • "Going to Tahoe. Home now!"
Sophie is getting into taking care of people (doctoring us) and other signs of growing up.
Today we were cleaning up the kids' blocks and dropped a rubber froggy in there as well. She said "that doesn't belong there," she took it out and went to get more blocks. I slipped it back in and she spied it again. "Hey, how'd that get back in there?" She fished it out, and went back to cleaning. I slipped it back in again. The third time she spotted it she turned and gave me this look, like "what the fuck?" It's the same look I give to my students when they try to pull something.


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