Monday, October 30, 2006

Those Kids O Mine

There are these moments with our kids that seem so utterly memorable you'd think...well that I would remember them. But in our busy lives, with one thing leading into another, things tend to sleep through the cracks. And as I get older, or the kids get more active (I don't remember which) those cracks get better every day.
Tonight at dinner for example....

Oh wait.

Here is something I do remember. Just a brief image, nothing I really expect anyone else to appreciate. We took a short walk tonight, scoping out the neighborhood for potential trick or treating sites (we'd like a reasonable safe area well lit etc..) There is a little court where the people tend to dress up their homes for X-mas, and sure enough the court was well done for Halloween as well. Enough set up. We were leaving the court, little Will was holding my big finger as we walked away. A streetlamp was illuminating us from behind and I saw our shadows. Daddy and son, holding hands stretched out fifteen feet in front of us. Sigh.


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