Monday, November 27, 2006

Nighttime rituals

So we have our basic nighttime rituals. First we get into jammies, brush our teeth, and then run around a little. Will gets a short story, and we transition to good nights. Will says goodnight to Sophie and Daddy, and maybe Chicken. Then he and Mommy go to the kids room for songs and maybe milkies (if needed). Daddy and Sophie read three books (time permitting). Sometime into the 3rd book Mommy arrives and we snuggle together for the end. Then Sophie gives Daddy a hug and kiss goodnight. And then...
Something a little puzzling to Mommy and Daddy, Sophie heads off to the window and says "Can we talk about Spiders?" I don't know when this started or why. Sometimes there is actual talk about spiders. This time of year it mostly has to do with why we don't see any spiders outside. Too cold.
Then eventually Sophie runs away, gets caught by Mommy, snuggles and good night songs for her.
The spider business is still a mystery.


At 11:46 AM, Blogger lex said...

gonna be a biologist


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