Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Laborious Weekend

I am exhausted. This long weekend has been very tiring.And honestly we didn't do much. I mowed the lawns, we put up some bookshelves. But that is about it, in terms of house work. The main issue has been the kids. They have launched a full scale rebellion. Pretty much anything we tell them to do, they don't. Anything we tell them not to do, they do, repeatedly. Our time outs and scolding seem to fall on deaf ears. They've taken to demolishing their train sets (which they cannot yet put together and require an hour or so to assemble), Sophie has had multiple bathroom 'accidents', they've left a path of destruction in their wakes to rival our initial moving mess. They won't nap, and sleep doesn't seem to come easy to them, or us as a result. Will has developed an obsessive fear of shadows, especially the rocking chair shadow, which he knows is the rocking chair, but still fears.
Yesterday it seemed to cause (I don't know the real cause) a serious bout of heart burn in me, followed by a monster migraine. It just seems too much.
Obviously, settling into the new house is going to take some time, and Sophie is starting school today. So maybe that change is causing some upheaval. But I am ready for another vacation, this one from the kids. I really hope this is a phase.

On a positive note: we had some friends over for burgers and dogs Sunday, they have a kid between Sophie and Will. That was fun, but not exactly calm. The three manages to trash the house during their play, but otherwise, it was nice.


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