Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall Break For Forty Year Old

Not exactly a girls (or boys) gone wild. No beaches. Only limited alcohol.
But there was a lot of staying up late silliness.

Carly sent me to Seattle for the long weekend (Thursday to Monday) as a 40th Birthday present, Ben and Ping provided transport, and Mike and Sara a place to stay, Steve M and Trey entertainment. We stayed up late, ate heavy fattening breakfasts, watched Steve M play video games for hours and hours, even tried some gaming. The latter didn't pan out quite as we hoped, but there was always lots of game-chat which is often just as good.

It was good to see everyone. It was a definite break. A pause. Punctuation. That was something I could use. And it gave me an opportunity to detox (by retoxing!) from the Will hospitalization.

It is interesting how easily I can slip back into the groove with my college friends. I met these friends 20 years ago, and stopped seeing them on a daily or weekly basis over 15 years ago. And yet, it feels quite natural to just kick up our feet, pop the cap off a cold one, and rejoin a conversation we started low those many years ago.

I think everyone got a kick out of the video chat with the kids. Sadly, we only had one successful one. That technology is not 100% yet (that and our schedule was not conducive to chatting two out of four days). It was gratifying returning home and having Will say: "I am not missing you anymore."

Thanks everyone!


At 11:47 AM, Blogger jeff said...

Awww. y'all look so cute.

I know what you mean about the 20 years-yet-comfy stuff. Friendships forged in the fires of college (and gaming?) seem to have that quality, if we're lucky.

At 10:09 PM, Anonymous Benny Boy said...

The day-star, it burnsss usss! We really look like we spent all weekend in a basement in that picture. Oh wait...

Better to have good talk & bad gaming than bad talk & good gaming I say. And yes, video chat with the Scholz clan was t-riffic fun.


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