Thursday, October 18, 2007

Update on Will

We took Will in for his first, post-hospital, follow up. After waiting an hour in the waiting room, and almost as long in the room with the bed and equipment (trying to keep both kids from either sticking their fingers in the unguarded sockets, or jumping on to the various pointy object) the PA gave him a quick once over, poked him a couple of time in the stomach and pronounced him fine. We sort of knew that already. We also got to hear a doctor go over the possibilities of a sonagram in 4 weeks time to determine if there is any lingering damage.
Carly and I are ambivalent about this. We do want to be proactive and thorough. We'd hate ourselves if we missed something and it developed into a problem later. But, the doctor admitted that there is no evidence to suggest that having a sonagram post trauma has any benefit. So it seems a little weird to even offer it. And apart from any cost (which I am sure will be high) there is the dragging a kicking and screaming kid back to the hospital to be held down so he will remain motionless for the test (he has a learned aversion to doctors and hospitals).
So, we'll see as we get closer to the date, and consult with our pediatrician.

Overall. Great News!

Thanks to everyone who send their support and concern. We appreciate it. You helped us bear a pretty rough patch.


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