Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Video Killed the Lecture Star

I filmed what might become episode one of "The Examined Life" a half hour show, in theory to be put into rotation for the 'late night crowd' on a local cable channel. It was pretty harrowing. When I started teaching I thought, heck I'm a GM, this is just like GMing with a bigger group. That was so not true. It was way scarier
Then I gave my first conference paper. Heck, this is just like teaching a class only to people who actually read.
I was wrong, it was way scarier..
So now I was by myself (well and the camera man), a blinking red dot, and a camera. Terrifying.

However, a few minutes into it and it wasn't so bad.
I didn't prepare quite enough material, I ended up with about 20 minutes. But I think I have a good idea for the next shot in a couple weeks.


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