Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cultural Elite

Friday, Will and I took some Daddy and Boy time, and went to the "Dinosaur" (Natural History)Museum. Ironically, Will can't stand the dinosaurs. There is simulated storm sounds in the dinosaur sections, or the lighting is too shadowy, so we skipped most of that. Still, we looked at birds, and the various NC related flora and fauna. It was a fun way to kill and hour or so. It is nice bringing just one kid at a time (Sophie was in school). He could move about freely, and there was less corralling. We topped off the learning experience with a trip to the nearby Krispy Kreme for a special treat. Will was mostly interested in his red, white and blue sprinkles, though eventually he was interested in the huge conveyor belts of doughnuts getting showered in liquid glaze. Nom nom nom.

Then yesterday.
A school friend had a set of tickets to Sleeping Beauty she couldn't use, so the four of use went to the Ballet. It was very long, and perhaps needlessly so (how many congratulatory dances do the bluebirds need to do, really?). But Will and Sophie made it through the whole thing. They made good use of the intermission to race around the grounds (especially the pillars off to the side) and burn off some energy. Including the 20 minute intermission, we were there from 10:45 to 2pm. The kids were pretty antsy around 1:45, but Carly and I were both impressed. The dancing was really quite good (for all I know, I am no expert) and the cast was huge. Will and Sophie liked (and were scare of) the four person Dragon puppet they had that nearly filled the stage.

I sometimes worry that we don't do enough edumacational things with the kids, but not this weekend.

We had friends over for lunch today and the kids got some good 'kid-time' to play, and eat together. Apart from the tearful goodbyes, it was a good time for all.


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