Saturday, April 12, 2008

Potty Training Blues

Our original plan with Will, was to get him some underwear, make it known to him, and let him decide when he was 'ready.' The plan seemed to be working like a charm, he was excited about the 'panties' and even sat on the potty a couple of times, even at his school interview. But then, things slowed down, he started to get more clingy, and we haven't been able to so much get him to consider it.
So we decided to go 'cold (wet) turkey.' No more diapers (except at night). He puts on his underwear and we do our best to get him to a potty as often as we can. he is very resistant to the prospect of going there, but usually once there we can get him distracted enough to eventually stop crying and pee (fergawdsake).

In related news, these trips have afforded Will opportunity to check out that bit of apparatus between his legs. The verdict? That thing is fun! You can do all sorts of stuff with it, and if your play with it long enough it grows! Wow!

Carly relates this tale of a recent trip to the potty:
So he is sitting on the potty, because he said he needed to pee (not because I was making him). And he is playing with himself. To which I say, "Will, you can't make a pee pee if you are playing with your penis, please just point it down." His response, "Wait wait mommy, watch this first" he then pinches his penis about half way down and wiggles the top half back and forth, and then laughing says: "That's how a hippopotamus dances!"

So true.
Will was 2 for 3 today. One accident, but 2 successful trips to the restroom!


At 2:44 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

Caroline's son (Aidan, something like 1 and 1/2) has a potty, though he's not anywhere near using it, they're just getting him used to the idea. He really likes it because it plays music. Weird.


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