Saturday, February 09, 2013

Playtest math

So I made a tweak, to make the mano a mano rules for a fight go a bit longer. Then Will and I playtested. Several rounds lasted many many draws. One time exhausting the deck.

Tweak: A player can choose to take on a lasting disadvantage in order to get a second draw.
Then that card lasts as a maximum on any draws of the same suit until the end of the next scene, or next episode (if you lose anyway, it lasts through the next scene, if you win, through the next episode)

Playing with Will with just that tweak, we were able to keep playing for a long time.
Now this was consequence free fighting. Would a player decide she is willing to suffer a long term disadvantage just to get a chance to win? I suppose the circumstances will have a big impact. Typically fights are pretty important.

Bonus Draws: How will bonus draws play into this? If players know the cards, they can wait and almost guarantee victory (assuming the npc goes downs without a disadvantage).

Background Cards: Probably will have a big impact for the same reason.

Consider given advantage for those scene changes that could benefit one side.

Note: Discard cards to a discard pile, reshuffle when the draw deck is empty.


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