Monday, January 26, 2004

The Iceman Cometh

We are once again frozen in place here in the South. There is about three inches of snow covered by about an inch of ice. It is very crunchy. The power is on, and it doesn't look like that will be a problem, but the roads are basically iced over, so we are trapped at home.
School didn't announce it was closed until 7am, again. They are always the last institute to admit to being closed. I can't decide whether it is intentional or not. Maybe they want to wait until the last possible moment, so if there is a break in the weather we can meet. That would be admirable. Of course, they may be like the airlines who see any closure as a failure and worth pretending it isn't happening.
More likely, they simply don't have a person in charge of that. So we wait for the President to call in and say, we're closed. I don't really know.
This makes me wish I had left more time in my schedule for missed days. Oh well, we can always postpone things.
These occasional ices are good for our house, they help us eat up all the canned food we manage to accumulate over the year. This is almost certainly a good thing, and it helps give the impression that we are doing something exciting. As long as the diapers hold out we are fine.
We are keeping warm. No worries here.


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