Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Joys of the Puff!

Today I was trying to delete a comment, and sadly Apple's Safari + Blogger do not handle that well. So I looked in the help and saw that Firefox can do it. So I downloaded the thing (I use it at work on my Dull.) It worked fine.
Then I went to Explorer to check my St-Aug's mail (something else Safari can't do) and stopped, I though, hey I wonder if Firefox can do that. Sure enough it can.

So with much pleasure I pulled the Firefox icon onto my dock, and pulled the Explorer Icon off. It disintegrated with a satisfying puff of smoke. One more Micro$oft product no longer in use. Huzzah. Now, if could just find a decent replacement for Word and Excel (that will save as both for work use.. or have Windoze equivalents) I can rid the varmits off my computer forever. Any suggestions?

I hope the new version of Safari will be able to handle all that stuff so I can just se it. I really prefer it to firefox.'


At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the current production version (1.3-ish i think) of openoffice for macosx/darwin will give you the basic utilities for word, excell, powerpoint and even a database. the more bells and whistles version 2.0 will be out before too long and will be heavily bells and whistles-y.

these are opensource. stable. constantly in development. and totally free.

you need to install X (which you can get from apple's website) and then install oppen office. a google search should get you started quickly.


ps if yer into math google latex equation editor for a bitchin bit of free software that creates some fabulous output with relaqive ease, and far greater flexibility than, say, equation editor or math-type by des-sci.

also totally free as in beer.


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