Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Baby Fun

Carly has been teaching at the Y this week, yesterday, today and tomorrow. So I've have the kids all evening. Normally this would not be such an intimidating process. But William has not taken to the bottle as quickly as the Sophie did. It is very frustrating, and scary. I am so afraid of his not eating, I worry that he'll go hungry and waste away. As I write this, the implausibility of it all becomes well... pretty humorous. Of course, he won't starve, his mom will be home soon, he'll be fine. But, as a typically dad, I want to fix things.
Tonight, I tried to be more relaxed about it. I was able to get him to drink 2 ounces, which is something, but it took a long time. I worry, that it might be difficult for us to leave him for long (light the overnight out we plan a month from now).
We shall see. I guess more practice is what we need. It is just hard to practice when the thing at stake is the baby being fed or not.
Sophie... watched all this with some amusement, occasionally offering her binky (pacifier) to solve the crying boy. She ate her rice and beans tonight with a spoon with pretty much no help from me. She makes her daddy so proud.


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