Sunday, April 17, 2005

Need a Breather

Being running on steam these last few days. Not necessarily occupied with lots of specific duties, but busy nonetheless. Carly has been sick these last few days, and the kids seem to be afflicted as well. Both are exceedingly needy and whiny. Strangely, I am in reasonably good health, which is not the usual story. So I am handling the lioness's share of parental duties, and I can see why Carly is so tired when I get back from school each day. Just keeping both kids from crying hysterically simultaneously is often a chore requiring nine hands. Feeding, diapering, and clothing them is another story. And entertain? Forget it.
Meanwhile I am still sore from working out. My chest, and arms ache. Each night I try to find a position to sleep in that doesn't hurt, so far no luck. I am told this will go away at some point. For some reason I am not convinced.

Mowed the lawns today as well.
Went Grocery shopping.
And yet I stil dedicate a couple of minutes to you my beloved readers..gotta go crying baby. ...


At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yet another reason i wish we wereproximate: i could pitch in!!!


At 10:53 AM, Blogger jeff said...

I second that, lex. Last weekend I babysat Max for just a few hours, but it allowed Jessie and Kareem to go do some, I got to hang out with a fun kid.


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