Saturday, May 14, 2005

Baby Updates

Okay... there are moments when parenting seems like a chore, and I try to think up excuses for going to the market or something in order to get some respite. But there are also moments that are just filled with wonder and joy.
Today as I was doing the dinner dishes Sophie, at Carly's suggestion, begins to play the kissing game. She doesn't so much kiss as offer her cheek to be kissed, but on occasion she will press either her lips, or more likely, her open mouth on you. After getting a couple of these kisses herself, Carly sent Sophie to find Daddy and give him a kiss. So, sure enough my little girl came waddling around the kitchen corner with a big smile on her face and gave me her cheek to kiss. Then she ran back to her mommy and did the same, then back to me. Then since Carly was holding Will, she gave Will a kiss, in this case the lip variety since Will doesn't himself kiss yet. Then she cam running back to me. We did this for several minutes. I was nearly in tears. My god, how can I stand the sweetness?

In other news...
Last night we put Will's bassinet in the third room and put him down to sleep there. He did fine for the first few hours sleeping from 7:30 to 10:30 without a hitch. Then he proceeded to sleep and wake every two hours or so.. which is not much worse than he was doing in our room, of course, now we need to trek across our small house to get him, but the hope is he will start going longer and longer. We did cut back a night feeding, from four to three. So that is good. I am hopefull that by the time my folks arrive, in early June we should have him sleeping reasonable numbers of hours.


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