Sunday, October 16, 2005

Baby bits

So I was feeding Sophie lunch or dinner the other day. And she got food all over her face, clothing and hands. Not particularly unusual. I went to get some paper towels to wipe her down, and said "Sophie, you are a dirty bird"
She responded with "Cheep Cheep!"

Yesterday we were all playing in the sun room. And Will sneezed a couple of time. Sophie said "tissue? tissue?" So I handed her the box. She took one out and gave it to Will, who of course, proceeded to eat it.
Then Sophie went to pull more tissues out (it is like a magic box of infinite fun and mess!) I said "Sophie, leave the tissues in the box!" sternly.
So she looks at me. Leans over and rubs her nose on the little part of the tissue extending from the box, then satisfied, she stuffed it back into the box.


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