Tuesday, October 18, 2005

To hit or not to hit. the bug that is

With the now, finally, pleasant weather (mid-seventies, we've had our windows opens, and as a result had many flies buzzing around the house.
After having one land one too many times on my dinner plate, I got a rolled up newspaper and began to chase it around the house swatting at it. I killed two or three before I heard a plaintive cry.

"No Hit! Not hit bug"

Little Sophie schooled well that we are no to hit Chicken, or William or our parents, or pretty much anything caught me in my hypocrisy. I put down the paper and marvelled at my daughter's sweet defense of the flies.

So, like any good parent, I curtailed my fly swatting until she was napping or outside. Then a week or so later. We were playing in the living room, and a fly was buzzing about.

"Hit bug, hit bug!" Sophie cried miming the swatting posture.

Had I turned my innocent daughter into a killing machine?
Had she discivered how annoying those flies are?

I don't know. Thankfully it is getting cold enough the flies will disappear soon and I won't have to answer that question.


At 5:09 PM, Blogger jeff said...

...until NEXT YEAR!!! ha!

At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Karen said...

Sabrina loves the worms I find when gardening. She holds them, talks to them and gently puts them down by the flowers. But she learned this summer that I'm not so fond of slugs and I don't want her touching them. She tends to crush them with rocks. I wonder if I should feel bad about that?


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