Friday, April 21, 2006

If I didn't have disappointment, I'd hardly have any appointment.

So I had one student this year who sort of dropped out of my classes. Failed to attend, was barely there when he was there. Whenever I asked him if he wanted to be in class he'd say yes. Whenever we discussed it, he was ready and willing to do what was needed. But he couldn't do much without my constant supervision.
Two days ago he, like many others, failed ot show for my class. Part of our signed agreement to be allowed to make up the entire first part of the semester was to attend every class.
Yesterday I bumped into him. He apologized and said he had a big paper to write for another class.
Today I read the make up paper he did. Entirely plagiarized.

I think I've reached my limits.


At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" I think I've reached my limits."



At 7:52 PM, Blogger Scholz said...

Angry...Sleep Deprived...
I laid into him after class today. Dropped a few F-Bombs... but in a way I hope will be seen as less offensive than they could. Who knows, maybe he will complain. It would be par for the course.

oh... his response?

"I didn't do it!"

wait for it.

"Someone else wrote the paper for me, and he must have plagiarized."

oh yeah... icing on the cake.

At 5:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahha! OMG. hahaha!
did you explain the problem with this?
can I put this story on my lj?


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