Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Koffee Karma

So the other day I was picking up some stuff at Target. I raomed the aisles and got the goods I went for, then wracked my mind to be sure there wasn't anything else I wanted.
So I swung by the little kiosk with the whole bean coffees. Since Carly and I usually drink Decaf at home I scanned the thing for the tell-tale green labels. For some reason the labels were not green, but some other color. But the word "Decaffeinated" led me to believe I found two varieties: French Roast and Colombian. So I grabbed a pound of each, noting the $5.99 price in a sticker. "Not bad" I thought.
So I get to the check out and the guy looks for a bar-code on the bag, but doesn't find one. "It said $5.99" I tell him.
"That's odd, the cash register says $8.99". "Oh well. Maybe I saw an old sticker." I reply.
"That's Okay. I'll just ring it up as Miscellaneous Merchandise, and charge you $5.99" He adds helpfully. "Score!" I think. I stuffed those full to the rim. There was probably 1.2 pounds in each.
So I get home. The next day I open the bag to make a pot, and it smells funny, like a flavored coffee. Like a fruit flavored coffee. I shrug, maybe there is some oil on the coffee or something that smells different.
OH MY GOD (Coffee)!
It was awful. I went without my morning Joe. The next day I opened the other bag (from the other bin). It too smelled of Fruity badness.
Maybe this was my punishement for trying to get a discount. Maybe this was something bigger, my punishment for drinking DeCaf. (Carly is still breast feeding so Caffeinated is a no no).
Sigh. So Rather than saving $6. We are out $12.


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