Sunday, March 05, 2006


Last night after watching something on the Discovery Channel I was surprised to see a familiar face from the past. Carl Sagan, with his large lapels and boyish enthusiasm. I almost turned away for fear of being embarrassed on his behalf by the 'quaint' graphics and understandable inaccuracies. But, then I caught a word "evolution" and stuck around.
In the following minutes he laid it out in clear, concise, inescapable logic. He even deals with Paley's Watch (Re: Intelligent Design Version 1) in a very very generous and even handed fashion (of course, he deals with it in 30 seconds or so with no major court cases needed).
26 years ago... He talks about it as though only a few innocent people might still not understand that is a Fact.

And yet. Here we are.


At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Ben of Benland said...

Cosmos is genius. "The total of all the signals ever recorded by all the radio telescopes on Earth contain less energy than a single snowflake striking the ground." (loosely quoted)

Why didn't I become a scientist?


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