Friday, April 28, 2006


It was such a nice day today. After dinner the four of us went for a short walk around the neighborhood. Half an hour, maybe?
Shortly after we got back, we got a call from the Credit Card Company, reporting unusual purchases.
Sure enough, my wallet, was missing my credit cards and the cash inside.
Someone tried to buy $170 at a nearby Walmart (hence the unusual purchase) after making at least two other purchases there...
Searching the house, our computers are here, our stereo, our digital camera, our cars. (Despite the keys being right next to my wallet).
The whereabouts of our Digital Video Cam are unknown. But, then we were not 100% sure where the videocam was before, so it might show up around here somewhere.

Ultmately, we get a little hassle with the cards.
Need to update the services that use that number.

Need to start locking the doors to our house for every little trek. Need to hide the keys, and the wallets. Need to start worrying about people walking in our neighborhood. Some friends of ours are moving out, for different reasons, I got to say.
Of course the idea that there is a better safer neighborhood is probably another fantasy.



At 10:52 PM, Blogger jeff said...

That sucks steve. Sorry y'all have to deal with that; emotionally it can be sort of a smack in the face, too.

The garage in my building has been broken into twice recently (though I don't keep a car there, it's still scary), and the boyfriend of a resident here was held up at gunpoint at 7pm on a weeknight...and this is still considered to be one of the nice parts of Oakland.


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