Friday, August 11, 2006

Back from Break

We've returned from California and nearly settled into the normal routine at home. W pretty much all returned somewhat sick, and for Sophie and me, it has lasted. I am just now feeling better, and would probably be fine ifI had gotten some sleep last night, but Sophie appears to be suffering from an Ear infection. It is pretty rough on her, and us. So far it appears to mostly be affecting her at night. Last night approximately every two hours or so, she would beginning screaming at the top of her lungs, and there was little we could do to help her. For a bit she stayed in bed with us, but she was pretty fidgety, and didn't seem to be hurting so we tried to move her back to her bed. That failed, and Carly ended up sleeping with her on the couch. I got my three hours of unencumbered sleep...woo....hoo.
Carly took her to the doctor today, and I expect there will be antibiotics in her future. Still haven't heard however. Hopefully, we press on.


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