Monday, December 11, 2006

Almonds.......That's Nuts!

How odd, you must be thinking.
Genius! I say.
Carly's genius.
You may recall our angst about Sophie and the "Grace" being said at the Y.
Well, last week Will did something similar (Sophie has pretty much stopped, strangely, although the kids haven't been in daycare much lately, no swim lessons). He said "Amen" after something at the lunch table. I don't remember the exact circumstances. I shrugged my shoulders and figured it, like Sophie's Grace would fade.

A few days later, my clever wife starting saying "Almonds? That's nuts." They'd laugh.

I didn't get it either.

"Almonds = Amen" if you say it right.

Now we say it all the time whenever we need a good chuckle. It provides minutes of entertainment on a car ride, or at the dinner table (and for you parents out there, a couple of minutes is pretty good).

So now the kids are nearly programmed to reply to "Amen" with "That's Nuts!"And if anyone gets bothered. We have a tidy excuse. "Oh they thought you said almonds." Hee hee.


At 3:11 AM, Anonymous Ben-yo said...

She _is_ clever. You should marry that girl.

At 4:25 AM, Blogger amanda said...

Yeah, before she comes to her senses! Ooops... too late.
That was a joke. BTW, I think my mom's still mad at me for not trying to marry you. That is not entirely a joke. ;)

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm posting because I've stumbled across this site one too many times not to. It doesn't surprise me - for it seems we have a lot in common (Reed, Philosophy, Love's Confusions, *chokes* gaming).

Anyway, the true purpose of this post has much more to do with Reed than anything. I graduated 2 years ago and I'm so confused that I'm finally starting to reach out and talk with alum who don't seem boring. Feel free to reply. My e-mail is



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