Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Settling in for the long slog

This last month was one of hopeful anticipation. Possibilities seemed open, moving, publication, etc. But for the most part these have petered out, so I am in this adjusting to things remaining much the same situation. It is strange, when you start to anticipate big changes, no change at all seems quite disheartening. But, logically, no change shouldn't be much of a change at all, right?

If you've ever driven a big van or truck that was slow to accelerate, full or inertia, and gotten the thing up to full speed, only to have to brake because of traffic, then face climbing a hill, you get an idea of the state I am in. I feel like I've lost a lot of momentum, and the prospect of pouring energy into my life, research, career, anything right now is too much. I'd rather "pull over" and take a nap.

I know I need to shake loose of this, and get back to work. Set new goals, etc.. I am just having trouble getting up much optimism right now. A couple minor victories would have really helped in that department.

Resolved that my new research is going to be about things that I am passionate about.

Anyway. That is part of an explanation for a lack of blogging this past few weeks.

On the positive side:
We had a very nice trip to DC last week. The kids got to see their great gram, and they are still talking about that. We saw the National Zoo and Smithsonian Natural History Museum, but they remember seeing Great Gram more. I am very happy with that.
I finally got to run my game last night. It went pretty well.
Summer plans are coming along nicely. Lots of camp for both kids.
Classes got a pretty good post break start.
Kids are sleeping a bit more than before, although we still had to get up with Will at 3am last night.
My contribution to Paragons is nearly done, so that is good.
Once I get past the blahs things should progress nicely.


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