Friday, January 30, 2004

This Middle Aged Gamer will get Medieval on your ass!

This is a public response to a certain 'young' lady who decided to poke fun at my middle ages game. Har dee har har. I am proud to be a gamer. Still, there something about us geezers playing.

Here are the top ten differences for me between gaming now, and gaming back in the day:
10. Coffee instead of Coke
9. I have to get permission from my wife and baby instead of my parents to game late.
8. Gaming late means something very different now, like 10pm.
7. Carpel tunel syndrome from rolling all those dice.
6. Trying to find LARGE PRINT editions of games.
5. Trying to fing low-carb gaming snacks.
4. Mid-life crisis expressed by having main character getting a cool flying carpet, wearing (magic) gold chains, and trading in old cat familiar for a nubile pseudo dragon.
3. All these new editions makes me go on and on about the good old days of gaming.
2. I am no longer shocked and alarmed by the concept, in Traveller, that an adventurer might start off adventuring at the ripe old age of 30.


1. Now I am that creepy old guy who scares the kids at the game store!


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