Sunday, February 08, 2004

Three months

Sophie is three monthes old today. I can't decide if that is a little or a lot. I can't really remember the way it was before her, but that might be the sleep deprivation talking. She has really changed and is really getting a personality of her own. Right now she is crying, so it will be a little difficult to think about much else. Carly has her, so don't think I am the worst parent ever for continuing to type while she cries.
She had a sort of on and off day today. Early on she was very happy and playful. She took a long nap (like an hour) which is awesome. But then when Carly went to the movies, she got very unhappy. Writing that makes it semm quite cliche and natural. Mommy is gone, so the baby gets upset. But actually it wasn't quite like that. True the event did transpire in that order, but I doubt the causality. First, some time passed between the two events. Second, I am with Sophie alone reasonably frequently, most of yesterday for example, and that doesn't happen. Today there were some issues at feeding time. I think I made the milk too hot. She was hungry and then got hot milk, poor thing. So she got very angry, then I tried to cool the milk down, but by then she really didn't want anything but to cry. This set me off. When she is inconsolable, it is bas enough. But to then add the layer of guilt that I may have caused it, and... that this was depriving her of much needed sustenance it was almost too much. I was freaking out. But, eventually I calmed her enough that I could give her an all new bottle. She drank a little of it, but still didn't really satisfy me that she had had enough. Still we made it to John's to watch the TMBG movie. She was pretty good throughout that, although she did get a little fussy. She drank about 2 oz there, (plus the 1 oz here). I guess she can tell how much she needs.
So what else does Sophie E. do?
She giggles and laughs now. That is awesome, nothing better in the world. If I could actually think myself the cause of her laughter that might be better. But frequently it seems to be something unpredicatable like the ceiling fan, or a toy, or having farted (I guess the latter is fairly normal, farts are always funny to kids of all ages). I can sometimes keep the smiles and giggles going for a while by tickling and teasing her, and encouraging it with smiles of my own. But they still seem fairly random.
She has also started to babble a little on occasion. It is almost like a conversation. That can be fun, but she tires quickly of it, if we show too much or too little interest. That is a fine line, one it is always difficult to master.
She is touching herself, when she thinks about you mostly. No... not that way. She just grips her hands together on occasion. It can be funny when she smiles and does it, because she looks like a Movie Villain wringing her hands in a sinister fashion. As in, "no I don't expect you to talk, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die."
She can grip other things for brief times, but they don't really interest her all that much yet.
She seems to enjoy her kick-chimes quite a bit. Imagine wind chimes, the cool hollow ones that sound deep not tinny, now hang them from the baby mat archy thing in reach of Sophie's little feet. Well you've figured it out. She really seems to enjoy it. I am not sure if it is the sound itself, or merely the fact that she has some small control over her environment.
The sleep situation is better than before. But she still has her bad moments. She is also more sophisticated in her complaints. She can cry in new pitches that are all the more urgent and force us to respond immediately. That is pretty impressive.
I can't wait for the next three months. Sitting up, talking, walking, solid foods.... SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!


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