Thursday, February 26, 2004

Tooth and Justice

Sophie is 'cutting' her first teeth now. Two of them. She is so advanced, not even four months old, and already developing teeth. It makes a father proud. At the moment these little guys are just the tips and it is kind of funny to feel her try them out on my thumb or finger. It doesn't really hurt, at least not yet. We shall see.

This is likely the the thing that is causing the disruption in her sleep and feeding, as well as her general fussiness. Not that this knowledge does much for us. We can give her some baby tylenol, but that is about it. She is too little to make much use out of standard teething technology. I guess the average baby isn't bothered by this for some time, only advanced children can suffer so. It is probably her fate that she will suffer more and more for being so much better than others. It is a burden she must bear. What can you do?

Thanks to a miserable migraine headache last night I got a full night's sleep!. I took some serious pain killers left over from my car accident, and went to bed at 7:30pm, I awoke (except for some brief interruptions by the baby crying) at 5:30 ready to deal with a wide awake infant. It was an unusual feeling. Being awake at 5:30 is not a norm for me, if I must awaken at that hour, I am usually pretty grumpy and fairly likley to mope around being a bit fussy myself. But this morning went swimmingly, Sophie went back to sleep at 6:30 and I had 45 minutes of good morning paper reading.

BTW: Do not try to eat Atkin's Brand Low Carb Bread by itself. It is nasty. I am going to try some as french toast and see how well that works, but I am dubious. No real surprise I must say. Low carb diets, you've got to love them. I don't know if I am just cheating more often this time or what, but I don't feel any lighter this time.

I am waiting here for what is probably inevitable, the early closing of my school. They always wait until the last minute. I had to be here anyway for a faculty meeting, but I am pretty sure afternoon classes will be canceled, or my students will assume that is the case in any event.


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