Friday, May 28, 2004

Been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely long time

Sorry for the absence. I've been dealing with problems over at my homepage.
My domain names expired, and since I've been just auto-updating them with my credit card I didn't realize it. Why? Let me explain.
I started and back in Grad School. Then I had a mail address. That has long expired, but I never updated it with Out of sight out of mind.
The a year ago Citibnak decided to cancel my visa and give me a mastercard. I got them to change me back, but they had to change my card number.

So the auto-charge for a number of programs (netflix, etc...) all needed the new card number. Since the domain names only come up every two years, I didn't even realize it until last week.

They sent me notes warning me, apparantly, but they were sent to the address. And I needed my login and password (stored on an older computer) to get onto the site and change my information. Of course, I could do it without my login and password... they would send me a remind to my address. Ugh

Luckily Mr Robbins at activemac saved the day, somehow he still had all that informtion, so after a few days I was back online. Hurray.

I've been a bachelor this week, Carly and Sophie are staying at the beach this week. I join them today. It has been both lonely (at night mostly) and relaxing. I wish I didn't have an 8am class, then I could've really made better use of this week by staying up late, drinking heavily doing all the sorts of things I can't do when the family is home.

Oh well. I just need to cleanup, mow the lawns, do some shopping, and such before drving the three hours to Emerald Isle.


I got a replacement wedding ring yesterday. Ironically I lost the original at Emerald Isle last year. I will attempt to avoid this, this time.


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