Friday, April 16, 2004

Baby Updates

First, a shout out to Karen and Roy and their brand new baby Ian Michael. Quite a big one you go there. I am glad everything went reasonably smoothly.
Karen's blog

Sophie is in a new stage, the I just discovered that if I a scream, youcome a running. She is testing her vocal chords and giving it her all. I think think this one has the makings of an opera star. Actually she is not too bad, but she gets into a funk and just screams about every little thing. So it seems like she has regressed a little. Whereas before when faced with a challenge, like rolling over, she would try and try and try until she got so tired she would collapse on the mat. Now she tries once or twice and starts howling. She knows one of us will either roll her over, or soothe her in some other way. And she is right. There is only so long I can resist.

In other respects she is growing and learning as well. I am particularly enjoying her giggle-fits. She will start off, sometimes at the prompting of one our "sneak attacks" (where one of us will give her a raspberry on her belly or thigh), and sometimes just on her own (often looking at her daddy's silly faces). The giggles turn into squeels of delight. I tell, I could listen to those forever. I either laugh out aloud myself, or burst into tears. The laughter of a baby is truly one of the most spectatular things on the planet.

We've passed on, or archived for future child the first big load of clothes. It is so wierd, she is not even 6 monthes old, yet we have a large box full of clothes packed away in the attic. We've given away twice that much. Part of this was the veritable buying frenzy that struck my family when she was born. We now have enough pink laundry to do a whole load or pinks every week, and Pink is not even the majority of her clothes. But that is one milestone. We look forward to warmer weather and shorts, t-shirts and lighter fare. It will also make playing outside a more viable option.

By the way, any prospective parents out there that have not discovered this one yet. A light blanket can provide hours of entertainment to a baby by draping it over their heads, and letting them pull if off, so long as you say "peekaboo!" or "where's Sophie?" foloowed by "there she is!" It makes me wish we didn't have those expensive jumpers, exersaucers, play mats etc..

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