Friday, March 26, 2004

Rare Productivity

So for some reason yesterday, I got up and started writing. I don't know whether it was thoughts of job insecurity, or some other inspiration. But somehow, when Carly and Sophie went out, I set up my computer and started writing. I am reasonably pleased with the ten pages or so I wrote.
I am attempting a re-write of a paper I submitted that was rejected (but I was invited to revise and resubmit). That was last summer. Things have gotten a bit hectic in my life, so it is only now that I am getting to it. I think part of it is being too busy, but it is also just a malaise. I don't really relish the prospect of sumissions. rejections, editting and re-editting.

However, despite that I think I was pretty productive. I hope to take this as a start to being more productive in general. If I can get a couple papers out there, then at least I can feel a little more secure. I've actually enjoyed this bit of writting. That is not uncommon. I usually enjoy the first draft, by the tenth I begin to loathe it, but we shall see. Maybe I can avoid that problem.

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