Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Ends and Beginnings

So the semester is about to end. I am reasonably happy with it. I think the students don't hate me as much as in previous semesters (although I should probably read the evaluations before I decide that). I have things reasonably under control vis the work load, I haven't begun to grade yet for finals, but I think it will be not too bad.

Sophie has a new Cousin, Sadie Scholz, my brother's daughter was born last night at 10pm PST! We look forward to annual exchanges and inevitable baby races.

Sophie has started eating 'solid' food. That is, if you consider wet gruel to be a 'solid food.' And if you consider smearing food on her face and hands and trying to eat her bib 'eating solid food.'

I am gearing up to start another D&D campaign. I am going to use Arcana Unearthed. I worry that I might be one of the DMs wh othinks he needs to reinvent the wheel each time i run a game. Maybe I am. I know I could easily just run a regular 3.5 or 3.0 game, but I really like the AU rules, so what the heck. I have a good feeling about it though. I think I can gather some decent gamers to fill these seats now, so I hope that i can get a steady cohesive group.

Maybe some political stuff later this week.

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