Sunday, June 20, 2004

Father's Day

My very first...
Carly and Sophie gave me a portrait they had taken by a professional photographer. It is very beautiful. I will see about getting a jepg for the blog.
Father's day is sort of wierd. I really don't feel like I do anything really deserving a day. Not that I did anything when I was born to deserve a special day... but it seems wierd. I assume Fathers' Day is some kind of invention of the greeting card companies, but what the hey. It is nice getting the gifts and cards.

We also went out to brunch, I violated the low carb mantra (it is MY SPECIAL DAY!!!!). Waffles, bisquits, and a danish. I am bad.
Sophie just gets cuter and cuter. It is amazing. And now she is really doing stuff. Apart from the genius of her now mastered Cherrio eating, she is getting good at holding her sippy cup, and operating some of her more complicated toys.


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