Thursday, June 03, 2004

Summer Session

I am not a huge fan of the condensed summer sessions for Philosophy. I think it could work for foreign language, or maybe math. But Philosophy really requires some time, letting things sink in, returning to the text.

Yet, here I am teaching a five week class. Two hours a day, five days a week. Graded the first quiz, some students did okay, but most did pretty poorly (63.9% average). I am hoping the grades improve, but I am dubious.

Part of my real problem with the condensed sessions is all the problems of a regular philosophy class are also condensed. The apathy and laziness seems compounded and far more obvious.

Still it is short, so I guess that is good. We shall see.
I gamed twice this week and am going to do it again this Sunday I am shocked, and frankly thrilled. I miss my regular games.

Of course, my character died... twice.. So if we ever play that again I will be three levels behind the rest of the party.

I am running the first adventures on Malaan in a while this Sunday.
I've started a Malaan Blog as well.

I'll try to post game summaries and the like there.


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