Monday, June 21, 2004

Long Live Spooky!

As some of you may know for the last two years we've been home to a very fat cat known as a Spooky (very original I know). Spooky was a stray that lived in our neighborhood. Carly starting feeding him when he came around out door all skinny and sad. I worried about diseases, so we agreed to capture him, and take him to the vet.
He was disease free, so we got him neutered and took him in. We tried twice to give him away, but both people who called for him sounded very scary. One reminded me of the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons.

Spooky blew up from six pounds to sixteen, and kept growing. He is a happy but very fat cat (we didn't feed him much, he just grew and grew). But, he never really fit in our house, Chicken was not overly fond of him, and he wanted more attention than we could give with Sophie's arrival. So after two years we put an ad in the local paper "Free to Good Home." The ad was sandwiched be half a dozen ads for cute little kittens. Our hopes were not high.
One woman called the first night, but was disappointed to find out that our advertized "cat" was in fact a "cat" and not a "dog." Then yesterday we got a call from a family with four kids and a big yard (3 acres). At 7pm they arrived, played with Spooky for a few minutes, and took him home.
So we are a one cat house again. I will miss him. He was a sweet friendly cat, who was exceedingly tolerant of Sophie (who would like to grab handfuls of his fur) and he was very funny in his own little way. But I think this is a good thing. He will get more love, Chicken will have the run of the house again, and our lives wil be somewhat easier.

Here are some early memories of Chicken of Spooky Kitty Fun Page

UPDATE: We recevied four more calls today. I guess the market for used adult cats in the Triangle is pretty good. We were able to get some of our Newspaper Ad money back which was good.


At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had good success anyway but I've been told by "those in the know" that it's usually easier to sell a cat than give him away. If you put a price on it ($25 or whatever) people feel that the cat has value. If it's free they think "it must be no good".



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