Friday, February 18, 2005

Best Babies......ever

Carly took the little ones to the pediatrician yeasterday. Evryone was very impressed with them both. Will has gained a couple of pounds and was his usual stoic self enduring shots and other indignities. Sophie floored the people there with her grasp of sign language (she routinely goes through her whole repertoire for audiences) and actually obeying her mothers requests to 'sit on her bottom' when she succeeded in climbing onto a bench.
Dr. Wiles had to stiffle his urge to laud Sophie's sleep habits for fear of jinxing us. So I guess I can't complain.
William was pretty good last night. I slept three hours in a row twice. But he has a habit of waking around 6am and just not getting back to sleep (until I need to leave for work). I don't know why, but that last hour is the hardest for me. I would gladly sacrifice an hour say between 12 and 1am for that 6-7am hour. Oh well. Coffee is still legal right? If that fails I can join the army and get some X.
Ecstasy trials for combat stress

I look forward to "Jacob's Ladder II - I love you man."


At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet! after addictive/abusive use sets in some of our vets will get to mix in a little amphetamine psychosis to their ptsd!!! there's nothing that says sane contributing member of society quite like someone convinced that "they" are out to get him who also dives under benches when the car horns blare!

besides i guess they already get the amph. psych. from all the speed they do...

not that i'm a supporter of the war on drugs (or the war on terror... or the war on iraq).


At 1:45 AM, Blogger kfawell said...

I read the article and marvelled at this gem, "some politicians and anti-drug campaigners have argued that research into possible medical benefits of illegal drugs presents a falsely reassuring message."

I guess the falsely reassuing messages is due to the researchy nature of research, so the statement is really until you know there are real and proven benefits, you are not allowed to find out if there are real and proven benefits.


I will have to try that argument sometime to see how well it works. I usually would just use, "No because I said so", but at least that one comes of a sensitive caution.

At 6:15 PM, Blogger jeff said...

Well, it might help recruitment, really...


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