Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Fever night, fever night Fever..

I am in a perpetual state of exhaustion these days for the obvious reason. Will has this thing about the wee hours of the morning. Last night wasn't horrible. We went to bed early (9pm) had a feeding and changing around 12:30. Then another at 4am. If things carried on that way and he got up at 7am or so, it would be fine. Sadly, that doesn't happen. After the 4am feeding/changing he seems to much more fussy. We assume gas or constipation or something. He would get up and feed for a few minutes every half hour. The rest of the time would be spent crying or falling asleep, in random order.
I am gettig very familiar with the light in my neighborhood at those early hours. And I am not happy about it.
During the day both Will and Sophie are super sweet and easy going. Sophie is getting tall enough to reach things on the kitchen table (and any other table around the house). She has also made the causal leap that buttons do things. This makes many of her high tech toys more interesting, but it also makes remote controls, the TV and Stereo, dishwasher, etc... new toys for her. And that is getting a little out of control. We'll keep you informed about that
Sophie has begun to get very affectionate with me. Hugging, and kissing (although her kisses are just sort of open mouth lip presses, but it is a start) throughout the day. Ican see how parents become attached to these little people.


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