Tuesday, June 21, 2005

lonely dad

Kinda of like angry dad... only lonely. :)
I've been home alone for the last couple of days. Carly and the kids are down at the beach. I had to come home to give a final and prep for classes. Actually, it hasn't been too bad. Today I slept in to almost 9am (not counting being awakened by the Admin at school). So that was good. Also,I've been fairly productive. I went and got the minifridge I wanted. I cleared out the yard sale stuff (most to Goodwill). I did laundry, and prepared for a M&M game.
Still I miss my family. The bed seems huge and cold. The house is eerily quiet.
When Carly puts Sophie on the phone I just want to reach through the lines and hug her to me. I guess that is good.


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