Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Missed it by that much.

So we tried outr first co-sleeping arrangement with Will and Sophie nappign in the same room yesterday. I was dubious because both of them have been sick recently and are having trouble sleeping in general. Carly skirted the excitement by getting a hair cut (gorgeous by the way, so she is forgiven).

Will get put down - 10 minutes later - Sophie.
I hear noises from both of them... laughter. While I would prefer sleeping, laghter is preferrable to many alternatives. That plus some talking (mostly Sophie...including spelling her name... did I mention she was a genius?) lasted for about 10 minutes.
Then quiet....!
For about a minute.
Then Will started crying. I could hear Sophie saying "Will No" and similar things. But the crying continued, and I was forced to remove the lad to his old room. He kept crying. And his cries got louder until he woke Sophie again who also started crying.

In the end neither napped much and they were both a wreck. Me too.
We all cuddled on the rocking chair... needing sedation.. I am still hopeful given that first 11 minutes so we shall see.

In other news. Will has begun clapping. His look of concentration and experimentation is priceless. He will stare at his hands and sort of cup them together and look amazed. Then repeat it more forcefully until eventually he is clapping. He has yet to clap with the effortless joy that Sophie exhibits. But baby steps for the babies.


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