Sunday, November 27, 2005

Nut..... Cracker

Sophie makes interesting pauses between compound words.

Well Yesterday Carly dressed her up and took her to see the Nut...Cracker...

Amazingly she lasted through the whole thing! And amused the people seated around her.
When one of the Sugarplums (or Sugar...Plumps) leapt into the air and was caught by a dancer, she yelled out "Gotchu!"
When the mouse that turned the pages snuck off stage..she yelled out "Where'd it go?"
Then "Hiding!" which sounds more like "Hiney" to me.

Such a big girl.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger lex said...

my mom used to take me to see the nut… cracker every year on my birthday from age 2 to age 7 or 8. i still get teary-eyed when listening to tchaikovsky's greatest hit.

i even blare it in the summertime.


good for carly.


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